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home made baby food

Maybe I’m lazy. Maybe I resist change. Maybe I’m seeing the light on this breastfeeding thing (which I did not like at first) and am realizing how convenient it is. Whatever the reason, it has taken me a while to make homemade baby food. Instead, for the 2.5 months that Ian has been eating “solids” (or I should say not-so-solids) I have been relying on baby oatmeal (just add water!), mashed bananas, and these:

Earth's Best Baby Food

I think these jarred purees are great – they’re organic and contain only fruits, veggies and a bit of water. Besides, they’re packed in glass rather than plastic, which puts my mind at ease from a leaching-of-chemicals-and-toxifying-my-precious-progeny perspective. And yet…I felt guilty that I wasn’t actually making my kid’s food. After all, I like to cook, I like to bake, (I have recounted some of my culinary concoctions here) and I want my son to…

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