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I’ve recently implemented a new routine that has changed my life. You uber-mums out there probably already do this, but for anyone with a house full of preschoolers who doesn’t, let me share it with you.

My eldest 2 kids dropped their day sleeps before they turned 2, so by the time my 3rd was born, I had a 3-year-old, a 1-year-old and a baby all running riot in the house. I occasionally tried to send them off to their rooms for some quiet time, but trying to keep them there while breastfeeding or tending to some other carnage was impossible, and I was too exhausted to run around enforcing the rules. I figured I’d missed the boat on the whole “room time” thing, and gave up.

After a particularly intense day of tantrums recently, I had new resolve to carve out a quiet time in the day.

I announced that…

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