How to be a writer: getting feedback

Science Meets Fiction

So you wrote something. Great! Maybe it’s a short story. Maybe it’s a novel. Maybe it’s an epic 300,000-word tome (although if it is, you might have some issues).

It’s always good when you can finish a project, but now what? If you’re like a lot of writers (but not all!) you might want to get your masterpiece published. Hold on a minute, though. If you want to be a pro, you have to look like a pro first, and that means you need to get some feedback.

Feedback is essential to any professional-quality writing. It gives you a heads-up to fix any inconsistencies, plot holes, character problems, or just embarrassing typos along the way. You may have a great story, but fiction is a massive buyers’ market, and any one of those things makes you more likely to be immediately rejected.

So get some feedback to sniff out…

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